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He’s Baaaack, he’s mad as heck, he’s in the mail..and he’s at it again. Lucky Angelinos found the most recent piece of mud from self proclaimed “The Leader of the Democratic Party” THE - mind you - not a or an, but THE Leader.

There he is, LA’s King of Fools himself, Eric Bauman, stinking up the rest of the junk mail.

Bauman, followed by his oversized shadow, Mayor Tony’s cousin, Speaker Big Bad John Perez, has gifted us all with his latest prevarication riddled missive in an effort to get Riverside boy wonder, machine backed candidate Jimmy Gomez shoehorned into Northeast LA Assembly seat 51 over local born favorite, candidate Luis Lopez.

Gomez is tucked firmly in Mayor of the moment, Antonio’s, very crowded back pocket. The Riverside kid is backed by his fellow back pocket residents, the disgraced “Billions to Spend” Los Angeles Community College Board. Gomez will surely further the illegal use of the Van de Kamp’s $70 million dollar stolen campus for the Mayor and his cronies.

Lopez, who is endorsed by, joins a very elite club, “EBBB”  -  Eff Bombed By Bauman. Other members include: The LA Weekly, Senator Gloria Romero, *It looks like some of the stink from former Assembly candidate Torie Osborn (stealth bombed  ) and our latest member - Luis Lopez, soon to be Assembly Member for the 51st district.

This club is so exclusive, you can’t ask to belong - you can only be inducted by inciting Bauman’s ire, usually for exercising basic rights, such as free speech without his permission, running for office without his permission, being a Democrat without his permission...pretty much anything without his permission.

Meetings are held every election at his attorney’s office. We’re sure to see more of you there every election.

* It looks like some of the stink from the bomb Bauman and crony Perez  AKA Speaker of the Assembly  - otherwise know as the dreaded BAUREZ - threw  at Osborn in the primary is leaving the favorite - Betsy - two shoes - Butler with a none too pleasant whiff about her. Read Weekly article about her pervert vote and the smell repelling the Gay vote in the race for the 50th - and how it may scuff up Betsy’s shiny shoes.

Democratic Boss Eric Bauman to L.A. Weekly: Your Paper is 'Trash'
By Partick Range McDonald Tue., Feb. 22 2011
Would you like 
to see the Mayor's 
new girlfriend 
naked...just like 
Villaraigosa does? 

Then download the movie "Without Men" and savor the juicy  lesbian make-out scene between TV star Eva Longoria  and the Mayor's latest love interest

The current love of the" supposed next California Governor's" life is Mexican- born super-star Kate del Castillo. If you never heard of her, you must be a white guy who doesn't like ladies!

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you have to envy the mayor for his love life which is a helluva lot hotter than his political prospects when he leaves office on June 30, 2013!

Democratic Party Midnight Coup! How Did an Undemocratic Back Room Power Play Take Over Our Party???

Horrified Democrats received a mailer Saturday Oct. 27th anointing controversial Democratic Party Boss Eric Bauman the Democratic Party Leader”.

Has anyone called the Democratic National Committee to tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile to pack up and get out, there’s a new sheriff in town?




Devoted fans worldwide rally behind the Billboard Queen who stood California on it’s ear when she ran for Governor against Arnold Schearzenegger a while back. Angelene is now a tested veteran of the Golden State Election Battleground. She hasn’t made her mind up just yet about running for Mayor of Los Angeles against a lackluster field of announced candidates. It’s going to take some persuasion. That’s why the media should ask her now.

One thing is certain: should she decide to run for Mayor of Los Angeles

Angelyne is a cinch to win.

Please, Please, Please!

Run Angelyne, Run!!

The leader of the Democratic Party?

...Some in the room accuse him of intimidating Democratic Party Club members. Bauman denies doing this as well — at least on purpose. He is, after all, intimidating before he opens his mouth, looking as he does like some stock character from The Sopranos, from his solid, stocky frame and long overcoat right down to his gold pinky ring and gruff East Coast accent.

...But Bauman's job isn't just to make sure Democrats get elected — it's to make sure the right Democrats get elected.

...Bauman's kingmaking doesn't necessarily make for good government — or a more livable Los Angeles.

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