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Many of you have written in asking for a follow up on the BP spill disaster. It’s simple, BP tried to hide the oil. Out of sight, out of mind. They figured that with American’s famous minuscule attention span we would forget it if we couldn’t easily see it. To a large extent they were right. They took a huge illegal gamble, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say in merry olde England, and poured masses of toxic dispersants into the oil filled Gulf waters. This was illegal and the dispersants are more toxic that the oil - but BP was cannily playing a game of perception. As everyone who ever worked in advertising or watched “Mad Men” knows “perception is reality”.

On the other hand, anyone who has read Poe knows that hearts can keep on beating even after the people they are inside of are sealed up in brick walls, or dispersed through the ocean, as the case may be.

The oil is coating the ocean floor and killing masses of sea creatures while doing irreparable harm to every part of the biological balance of the ocean, but it’s no problem if we can’r see it. Meanwhile most news cameras have moved on in search of tea parties polluting the political waters rather than oil choking the ocean. What’s an environmental catastrophe compared with Lindsey Lohan going back to jail?

Vast plumes of microscopic oil droplets under the ocean have been found by researchers moving under the ocean, heading towards Florida.  That is what the combination of toxic dispersants and oil has created. BP and company, with the collusion of our government, are to be congratulated for making oil more toxic than it used to be, and likely more mobile and more enduring. A BP scientist admitted that oil spills treated with dispersants had still not recovered after 30 years, while untreated areas had largely done so in 5 years.

The oil is just under the sand on many beaches, from a few inches down, to up to a foot or more. In fact sand has been trucked in some places to provide a thicker layer for little tykes to dig and romp in before they put a little fist in the gooey stuff. Just to give the kids more to play with, it seems oil “patties” 1” to 3” are showing up in such places as the Alabama seawall. Patty cake anyone?

Lurking Just Under the Surface...

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Click on the videos and pictures to see more about the dangerous “hidden” oil and dispersant toxics.

Above: Oil mixed with toxic dispersants is just below the sand - which was actually trucked in to cover it in some cases - for all who care to dig for it - be they an enthusiastic tot or a  Greenpeace researcher. Watch video above as a researcher digs under the sand to find a toxic oil and dispersant brew boiling just under the surface of the sand covered beach.

Why isn’t San Francisco DA Kamala Harris mounting a real campaign for CA Attorney General - why is she just sitting it out and letting LA DA Cooley walk off with the election? The Democratic Party put out that Boxer and Brown told her there was no money for her - they needed it all for their races - now we’re hearing a different story.
It’s being said that a ‘deal’ was cut to keep from having an ugly in party fight. Senator Dianne Feinstein apparently let her outrage at anti - death penalty Harris’ refusal to seek the death penalty in a controversial cop killing in San Francisco loose at the funeral. The Santa Barbara Independent described it this way:

“Isaac Espinoza was shot and killed with an AK-47 by 21-year-old David Hill after the undercover police officer and his partner stopped the man on the street for suspicious activity. Soon after Hill’s arrest, Harris announced that she would not seek the death penalty, a move that outraged the police department, Espinoza’s family, and a host of politicians, including Senator Dianne Feinstein, who called for the execution of cop killers while speaking at the officer’s funeral.”

Some attendees at the slain policeman’s funeral have said DiFi let Harris have it in no uncertain terms. We have been told that the Cooley campaign has a video of this and the Dems promised Harris would be quiet and let Cooley win in return for keeping the potential party busting video under wraps. Is it true? Our sources include a highly respected LA news figure - but we can’t say the name here or it might interfere with the person’s respect quotient. 

Like Rodny Dangerfield - “we can’t get no respect” - but hey - we’ve still a great record of telling you the truth when no one else will.http://www.independent.com/news/2010/sep/23/capital-question/shapeimage_6_link_0