12/7/09 Who knew Obama would turn out to be LBJ without the programs for the poor? Afghanistan is Vietnam with goats. Slogging further into Afghanistan is political suicide. Those rocky mountain sides are the burial grounds of Colonial Empire, ask the Russians and the Brits, who were both better at it than today’s ill prepared and half assed USA. Washington won’t invest what it takes to really equip or prepare the troops they throw at these half baked wars. It’s just a big cookie jar for favorite contractors...a cookie jar dripping blood...and oil. Don’t forget that Afghanistan is the geography where big oil wants to lay it’s golden pipelines to pump that sweet crude from the Caspian sea.

Like a guy who only wants the girls who won’t give him the time of day, the only people whose opinion Obama seems to care about these days are Right Wing Democrats and Republicans. He gave the rest of  us the signal with Bible thumping, Gay marriage hating, big bucks evangelist Rick Warren, at the inauguration and he’s been giving us the business ever since.

Like all heros, hubris is what his feet of clay are made of. He harbors somewhere in his heart, the delusional notion that he can get these people to come around and get on the great Obama wagon. It is Shakespearean, if Shakespeare were a two bit political hack writer. Get over yourself Barack, these people are never going to get that far away look of adoration you long for, in their eyes. They are looking to do you and the rest of us in. You may believe you are God (okay with a small “g”, but still God) - but they lust only for the old white guy in the sky, with the long beard and a taste for vengeance, who throws thunderbolts at the likes of you and all of us perverts, liberals and racial/ethnic types.

Get your reality glasses on or you can kiss a two term presidency goodbye. Their only problem right now is that they don’t have much of anyone to run, but that never stopped them before. If Bush jr. wasn’t the definition of not much of anyone it’s hard to see who is. They have half-baked Alaska hottie problems right now, but counting on Palin to sink them in 2012 is not what I would call a plan.

We’ve got big trouble in Sacramento. The Governator is presiding over a state so broke he really is looking for a 5 cent cigar, or looking like one blew up in his face. Meanwhile the Legislature is playing hide the next Speaker. Why is it that every time there is dirty laundry and scandals in this State we can always find Mayor Antonio lurking somewhere in the under brush? This time he is opposing his cousin, newly minted Assembly Member John Perez for his old job as Speaker of the Assembly. That’s right - Antonio is backing Kevin DeLeon over his own cousin...is there more trouble in casa Villaraigosa? When Rep. Kevin DeLeon saw his presumptive grasp of that that coveted post (don’t ask me why it’s coveted right now - but then I’m no politician)  slipping away in a struggle that has current Speaker Karen Bass behind Perez - reason- not love of Perez but to hold Bass’ grasp on the speakership a little longer, then hand it off to Perez. Now little Kevin is throwing a fit at the prospect of losing his coveted play pen, he’s pushed the Legislature to have the election for the Speakership right away, in hopes of getting his politically weak hands on it.  Just remember Kevin, what a Legislature so weak you can push it into giving you the lollipop gives today, someone much stronger, can press into taking away tomorrow.

This is so unsavory to watch that even former Speaker Fabulous Nunez is getting queazy at the spectacle. We thought it took a lot more than that to get to Nunez’ well lined tummy.

Speaking of someone much stronger than any of that cast of characters (they’re sneakier - not the same as stronger) - same bit of advice for big John Perez, polls and common sense show that Senator Gil Cedillo will take your seat away easily if he runs in your district, as he plans to do...then goodbye Speakership. It’s all so fleeting. Better make all the deals you can as fast as you can.

Meanwhile down at City Hall, folks are taking bets on who falls under the ax as the budget outlook gets worse and worse. The only really flush folks are the Marijuana dispensary Duchies- particularly Weed Kingpin Don Duncan. Patrick MaDonald and Christine Peliseks story in the LA Weekly about the takeover of City Hall by the long green (and we don’t mean weed) of these latter day HIGHrollers left a lot of people wondering how it all happened. How did a bunch of weed vendors get so far inside City Hall that they are making all the rules and calling the shots?

It all starts with that old elementary school science class dictum, “nature abhors a vacuum”. They didn’t teach this in elementary school, but maybe they should have, “City Hall abhors an empty cookie jar”. For all these years Developers have had the honored seat at the table, writing their own ticket and paying for the ride with hefty donations to that cookie jar. In case you have been sleeping through the last couple of years, developers are, for the most part, pretty broke these days. That means an empty cookie jar at Spring Street. A cookie jar Marijuana purveyors are happy to fill. The green in that jar is just as sweet whether developers put it there with dirty development deals or weed sellers filled it from nice green organic Marijuana plants. You could say City Hall has gone Green...gotten that organic mojo. Of course we now hear that the City Clowns are tentativly considering limiting the number of dispensaries. That is code for start the bidding war. If a dispensary wants to stay in business they had better pony up a bag of something green that didn’t grow in any garden.

It all puts someone like me, who favor drug legalization in a funny spot. See, I’m all for legalization, but in my book that also means regulation and taxation. We have an imperfect but workable model in how we more or less handle other legal drugs, like tobacco and liquor. I’d rather get taxes from these quarters and deal with regulating the whole thing than have the run away skullduggery of developers. For my money their billion dollar boondoggles are a lot more destructive that Marijuana dispensaries, especially if we regulate and tax them. Pound for pound nothing these weedy folks can come up with can hold a candle to the CRA “imminent domain for private gain” destruction the CRA has brought us. I haven’t seen the pot peddlers demanding $100s of millions in subsidies for failed developments like developers at such monstrosities as the Hollywood Highlands White Elephant Center and the crazy W “Doomscraper”.

Maybe we can just put a giant joint in the White Elephant’s trunk at Hollywood Highlands and try to get back some of our $100 million plus tax dollars that were wasted on that falling apart monstrosity from Marijuana taxes...just a suggestion.

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