Well, I guess I have arrived. An anonymous post on the LA Times blog has accused me of racism. They must be very staunch and proud of that since they use a pseudonym. Truth, justice and a hiding behind a fake i- identity - that always instils confidence, at least it does for me. Doesn't it for you?

I guess all of us (each and every one, according to the secret poster) who don't adore Dr. Moore, no matter what she does or says, are, by definition racists. It's good to get a handle on these things.

Otherwise I might have thought it is because I agree with the students' advisor, Ms Guess and the students who think Dr. Moore "bullied" them. Of course I am not sure what this makes Ms. Guess who is also African American ... I suppose we are just riddled with jealousy. Each and every one of us, and sad too. Here I thought I was pretty cheerful in spite of what I am seeing happen to the students and to our Community Colleges. Glad to find out we are all sad. We need to be reminded of that, wouldn't want to lose track of it or accidentally break out in fit of something other than morose lamentation.

I, personally have always wanted to be seen as an enemy of press freedom and really want having "bullied" students to be on my resume of lifetime achievements.

I am sure Ms Guess is sad to see her paper up for three national awards, and is grief stricken at having the admiration and loyalty of her students, while Dr. Moore reigns over her second campus to be on academic probation, in a blaze of glory. (The probation isn't really her fault ...yet, but she hasn't exactly rallied the troops and improved the morale).

As for research, I only wish myself and the other Van de Kamps Coalition members who have some five plus, very full, file boxes of documents between us, hadn't done so much, especially when we have to carry them around. How could we know anything at all, after having worked on this for only all the 10 years there has been, first a move to save the building, then an effort to bring higher education to our communities with a satellite campus.

I wish I didn't have so many emails showing so much back and forth and wheeling and dealing involving some of the LACCD Board Members, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Moore, District honchos like Larry Eisenberg and various and sundry other LACC and LACCD types. If LACCD had fully fulfilled our numerous California Public Records Acts requests we would probably have another five boxes.

As it is we are going on 3 months of trying to get these requests filled, the state act for public records allows 10 working days...what is a working day to you and I, is obviously not a working day to the District. That could explain a lot.

Though it did not thrill me to read a recommendation from a District official offering a recommendation for dealing  with the community as "1. Stonewall approach" and mentioning an anticipated freedom of information request from us, I guess I can thank that "stonewall approach" for relieving us of even more boxes of files, but somehow I am not feeling the love. Having been treated thus I can't say any of us were surprised to find it laid out as a plan, but we were not happy.

I have to admit a bit of sadness at reading about these folks saying in public they will work on scheduling community and elected official's requests to resume VDK Steering Committee meetings while in the same time frame, they are emailing one another that they "totally agree with Jamillah--do not re-establish this steering committee." and referring to it as "gone and dead" and "--totally bizarre, especially since staff from legislators were part of this. " Those are direct quotes from documents obtained from LACCD. As the saying goes, our tax dollars at work.

I can't say I was happy to find a resolution to transfer the LACC campus dated from 2008, when we were told this did not really come up as an option until early in 2009 when the financial crisis hit.

LACC and LACCD are cheerfully trying to fill a campus built with some $61 million dollars in tax payer bond funds specified for a satellite campus into - in their words a "tenant based facility" and pay for tenant improvements to change the classrooms to "commercial real estate" with bond money. Down here on the ground we are crying foul. This is a misuse of our taxpayer bond funds.

This is all part of what appears to be a drive to "privatize" and "profit - ize" our educational system. LAUSD can't  pull the public in public education out fast enough.

Central to all of this is Mayor Villaraigosa. The proposed list of tenants is a selection of his pet projects. A collection of unemployment programs, one of his favored charter schools and even a city Community Development Office.

Stay tuned for more fun and games with our tax dollars.

Below some examples from the slide show “Bait and Switch” at

the vandekamps.org website, click on the logo below:

Miki accused of Racism by ???, Community College District’s  plan to “stonewall” residents:

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