Community College District Board of Trustees reject plan to open Van de Kamps as a Campus , continue with illegal use of bond funds for tenants...but wait it’s illegal to rent to the planned tenants... back room deals are backfiring

The Van de Kamps Coalition (VDKC) offered a resolution for the Board of Trustees (BOT) to return to the original community supported plan to open Van de Kamps (VDK) as Satellite campus using a marketing plan commissioned by the College and prepared by the widely respected Kosmot firm. The plan outlined in detail how the LACCD can open the campus with the 80/20 mix and pay for the campus without draining funds from the district or the Community Colleges. 80% of classes would be offered as fee based community classes, such as ESL and other for profit courses. The money from these courses would pay for the remaining 20% of typical Community College for credit classes. The study established that there is great demand in the underserved Northeast for both types of classes.

By voting to return to the well studied and widely supported 80/20 model, the LACCD could mitigate the mis spending of over $7 million dollars in bond funds for improvements for prospective non Community College tenants. Instead they ignored the resolution put on their agenda by the VDKC. BOT President Mona Field, in what was clearly a stunning performance of clairvoyance worthy of at least a carnival side show mind reader, did not even ask if anyone on the BOT would make a motion for the resolution. We have to believe it was mind reading, because if she already knew no one wanted to make a motion because they had discussed it in the back room out of sight of the public that would be a violation of the Brown Act and thus illegal, and they would never do anything illegal, anything illegal, anything illegal...

It is not clear what the next move of the embattled BOT will be. They pulled a resolution for a lease for the Mayor’s pet projects when VDKC attorney, Dan Wright informed that the lease would bring a “1090” violation to the process a few weeks ago. The LACCD Vice Chancellor who was put in charge of recruiting tenants for the building, Marvin Martinez, just happened to think of the perfect tenant, Community Career Development Inc., (CCD) the only problem - he is on the board of that organization, thus creating a conflict of interest situation known as a “1090” violation. It’s kind of like when Dick Cheney was supposed to find a Vice Presidential candidate for Bush and just happened to look in the mirror and think of himself..only this instance is illegal, not just tacky.

In fact the LACCD has spent millions custom building the interior of the historic Bakery building to suit the exact specifications of the prospective tenant...without a lease in place. Now they find they have a conflict of interest situation. The CCD, a Workforce program, one of many in Los Angeles that receives Federal funds, was selected without any bidding process, a process that is called for in this situation.

Now the BOT is in a pickle, they have gutted state approved classrooms, they have spent over $7 million dollars in bond funds illegally doing so to please a tenant they have big legal problems in renting to. If famed bank robber Willie Sutten had been this incompetent he wouldn’t have been able to find the money at the bank, much less steal it.

This is like watching a Keystone Cops Movie ...it would be a lot funnier but it’s our tax money they are burning through.

5/15/10 Word is that Mean Mean Meg Whitman’s internal polling shows her in such a downward spiral her campaign is preparing commercials featuring a former Ca. Governor considered political poison by his own party...and we don’t mean Gray Davis.

What juicy bit of film do SF DA  and California Attorney General Candidate Kamala Harris’ opponents have on her that is making her campaign lose sleep? ...Or has a deal been cut with it’s high powered elected official who is Harris’ “co-star” in the devastating bit of film to keep it off the air? We hear it could be her political funeral if it hits the air...so to speak. Stay tuned.

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