On behalf of Apple Computers and Steve Jobs I wish to apologize to our readers for not updating this site since 12/7/09. We try to keep to a schedule of every other Tuesday, but my usually trusty MAC suffered a complicated breakdown due to a technical error made by an Apple tech. Yes, they do make mistakes, not many, but this was a lulu. I will forgo torturing you with the details, suffice to say it required multiple trips to the Apple Store and a lot of high tech voodoo. Apple felt so bad about it they actually gave me a free iPod...Thanks a bunch Steve.

On this blog there is no false modesty … I love to say I told you so. Back when all the high paid high profile pundits were littering the media with speculation about Sarah Palin's future after she resigned as Governor of Alaska - this unpaid, unsung blog nailed it - by predicting that she would end up on a cheesy TV show. Could we have more accurate? she dived right into the biggest stinkiest cheese ball of them all, Uncle Rupert's FOX network.

Let's face it, Palin was made for the lowest common denominator of TV. She is the sex symbol for the aging anti-intellectual white right wing male. She is viagra for his empty headed prejudices and screwball ideas. Who inarticuates (it SHOULD be a word) that bankrupt ideology better in post Bush America? She is the Barbie doll for women who embrace the right wing's "place" for women to stay in. If they are good enough girls they may end up on TV with a hot designer wardrobe and a bunch of old goats lusting after them.

She used to be a TV 'personality" and I contend that this whole crazy political "career" of hers' was just an attempt to bag a bigger TV audience than the tiny local Anchorage and outer Moose Jaw one she was once stuck with back in Alaska. Just think, now she can leave not so hot Todd-y home with his snow mobiles and other motorized toys of environmental destruction, which appear to be his real objects of erotic lust. After all, Palin's real ambition in life was to be a sportscaster. If politics is the ultimate contact sport, she has succeeded.

This is an interesting parallel to her male counterpart in the hall of tongue tied fame, George Bush. His great ambition was to be a baseball player, failing that he desperately wanted to be Baseball Commissioner. My friend Robert has the theory that if Bud Selig had just made Bush Baseball Commissioner the world would have been spared a good deal of war, pestilence and other unspeakable horrors. That's a nasty curve ball. It turns out the fate of nations hinged on Bud's ambition to make himself, and not Bush Comish. It seems true that the real motives of these ambulatory egos are just the results of the thwarted ambitions of little boys and girls. So it appears that, in an odd way, the Presidency and possibly being the first female Vice President were just consolation prizes for careers in sports.

Hold on before you say that is nuts. Sports is far more popular than Politics, in fact sports, especially mixed with TV, is the biggest fame, sex and money gig going. Palin and Bush were aiming higher on the celebrity pole than the Presidency. More people can tell you who top sports figures are than who is the President and certainly more people know who sports figures and TV personalities are than know who the measly Vice President is.  America is obsessed with sports and everything to do with it, most people wish politics would disappear. So who's got the bead on the hearts and minds of America?

We'll be back to spiff this site up some more soon, this is just a quick post to celebrate the recovery of our computer and our re-entry into the cyber world.

dumbest  real comment overheard recently:  “I can’t believe Tiger did all that ... he just doesn’t LOOK LIKE he would.”  LOOK LIKE? What do guys who screw around LOOK LIKE? They LOOK LIKE guys, especially famous celebrity athlete guys. What do guys dumb enough to make comments like that look like ...I’ll be discreet and not offer a description.

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