It’s Always the Deals
posted 8/5/09

So let's recap, in a very few short weeks/days:

Trutanich announced an investigation of LA City Millions of Tax Dollars MJax scandal with possible criminal aspects at city council.

Bratton was selling his home and bothers to say publicly that he's not moving out of LA (So, if Bill’s such a paragon why did he fib - or did he fib - if he didn’t why change up so fast?)

Word starts circulating among city hall and media insiders that Trutanich is looking at shadowy deals that could cast a bad light on Bratton. Was it call/s by Bratton - maybe to Staples’ bigwigs about the Millions of Tax Dollars  to underwrite the MJax Staples’ death celeb blowout? (Can the CD/movie deal be far behind? Does anyone think the LA taxpayers who underwrote the cost for Bill’s Boys in Blue to host it will see a dime back? Heck, will they even get a lousy mention in the credits?)

Federal LAPD consent decree overseer and FOB Michael Cherkasky (lots of Michaels in this) plays a major role in getting Feds to pull consent decree.

Bratton announces he will jump LA's listing ship in the middle of a major fiscal crisis to go global, playing rent a cop for his old pal, the very recently "free to recruit him" (by Cherkasky's own account on KPPC) now ex federal overseer Cherkasky. These guys let no grass grow under them.

When was the last time a top cop quit such a high profile job in one of the world's largest, most famous cities so suddenly and so hush hush, for any reason other than a brewing or boiling over scandal? Quick, the clock is ticking come up with one in our recent collective memory, okay go back even further...

This is just not a credible tale. He quits, all of a sudden, with no warning, after saying he wasn't going anywhere and getting a rare item lately, a LA Police Chief Contract Renewal from the deal making champion chumps in city hall. He's doing this to become a rent a cop? Even a high priced global rent a cop. We are expected to believe this? This does not pass the sniff test in my neck of the woods. 

So called local broadcast reporters spend the day tossing him softball "interviews" while he prattles on and on about how great he is, most LA big wigs are throwing bouquets, what is going on? The only person I heard on the media today who raised a discouraging word was ACLU stalwart, Ramona Ripston. She rather carefully questioned this sudden series of "events" with Cherkasky in a KPCC interview. Could it be that our Ramona is getting a faint whiff of a rat, or at least a smelly deal...well, she's sure smelled enough of them in her many years in the midst of LA cop politics to know one when it wafts by.

What’s the deal/s? A deal to end a major consent decree so Cherkasky can slurp up big contracts with best guy pal Bill? How might that deal have worked out and exactly why did all those complicated pieces fall into place so prettily right now? 

A deal to hush up a possible career tarnishing investigation by a brash new Republican City Attorney? Is it the old political classic fix of resign now and we will close the files as we close the door behind you? 

Remember that LA cop Harry Bosh doesn't believe in coincidences in murder. (Harry may be fictional - but fiction is more real than reality in this town). We don't believe in coincidences in politics either, especially in police politics in LA.

Is there a deal for the next top cop? What's the name of that game? Who knows the most at Parker Center and is the best at leveraging it? Is it the rise of the Irish?

So what's the deal, deal or no deal? Are we going to bring Monty Hall back from retirement to host this?

Who's on the phone with those San Francisco media people who like to break the news that the Zell-A Times Chicago Irish (them again) regime won't touch? Remember who came out with Antonio’s step down from the Governor’s race.

(A note from the Antonio watch: is he contemplating that same door to a fix if the purported FBI interest in him gets any warmer? Will we have to write an iPhone app - “Where’s Antonio?”. Maybe we could make some money for the LAFD. It's tough when Globe trotting Antonio (South Africa vacation) and Eric Garcetti (who was also out of the country and “not reachable”) are the only 2 guys on the planet who don’t know that cell phones work overseas. This from Garcetti who claims to be the cool techno savvy dude on city council. (But I digress.) http://www.kcra.com/entertainment/20042004/detail.html

What does Sarah Palin think of all of this? She's the only one running against Bratton and company for fishiest smelling resignation award. 

Maybe Palin could co host with Monty. I'm sure there's 
a cheesy TV show in her future anyway, and this would 
be a great a start. Put another turkey in the grinder. 
What a title “Sarah Palin’s Turkey Grinder”. 
It’s a natural, I’ll copyright it as soon as I finnish this.

At least Bratton knew better than to say he just wants 
to spend more time with his family - but he did edge 
into that territory when mentioning his 83 year old Dad.

So what's next? A deal to have the Cirque acrobats put out our sure to 
come bumper crop of summer fires while hanging upside down from the 
fire hoses of the cut back LAFD, between shows at the Kodak Montreal Theater?   
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