Is it true what City Hall Insiders are saying about the $30 million dollar Kodak Theater face lift? (much more ambitious that the bit of nip tuck wags are speculating about for our 50+ Peter Pan Mayor - see Walsh Confidental) Is it true that the infusion of cash really has less to do with Canadian acrobats ...and more with US greenbacks? The story being passed around is that the owners could not make the mortgage payments and, not able to stand yet another Hollywood Highlands meltdown, the City Council provided a flotation device in the form of a very large taxpayer backed check. Is it true? Time will tell, it seems every little chicken at that project comes home to roost. Fair warning, look out for low flying chicks. Oh, right, our Playboy Mayor has that down to a science.

Check out the Sept 2nd story on the CIM’s Trashy, smelly Hollywood slum scandal at:


For a view of the stinky mess go to YouTube: www.youtube.com/hnntv

The S30 Million Dollar Slumlords of Hollywood’s Twisted Financial Acrobatics

There may not be many newspapers left in LA, but the ones we have are in a good old fashioned ink slinging fight. Warms the cockles of my heart.

LA Times “media” columnist James Rainey wrote a nail spitting screed directed very personally at Jill Stewart, News Editor of The LA Weekly. Being basically a generous guy, he threw a measure of mud at several of her highly honored reporters, as well too.

All of this just days after the Weekly trounced the Times and walked off with with an armload of awards for their reporting, all with a budget and staff a fraction of even the much diminished Times’. Must have smarted from the size of the yowl heard from James Rainey. If, as rumors abound, he was looking to get Stewart and reporter Patrick McDonald fired, he is doing a lousy job of that too.

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