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Quien es mas Macho?Quien es mas Boracho?

Happy 60th Birthday

Mr. Mayor!!  - What you missed your own Party? You - Mr. Party Hardy?

Getting forgetful ? age taking it’s toll??

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23rd  is the Big Day! Mayor Villaraigosa  will be forced  to celebrate his birthday out in the open for the first time!  Antonio is super-sensitive about growing older!

Happy Sixtieth Birthday, Antonio.

SUSH! Let's make our televised birthday party a really big surprise for the L.A.Mayor!

Get your picture taken with the Mayor on the anniversary of his birth.Remember that Antonio told national media that he never refuses anyone a photo opportunity featuring your arm wrapped around his Mayoral shoulders!

HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG plans a  big Surprise Party for the outgoing Mayor at City Hall Chambers during the regular L.A. City Council Meeting on the above date! Charlie Sheen,of course ,is warmly  invited to attend!

Birthday Cake  is served to all! That means  a  slice of nutcake for everybody!

Be there or be square! In past years as Mayor,Mr. Villaraigosa has celebrated his birthday backstage at a super-private backstage VIP-only party. Not this year! His Sixtieth Birthday Celebration will be an open event whether the Mayor likes it or not!!!!

And next  year, Big Cheese Antonio plans to celebrate turning 61 as a member of Obama's Cabinet.

That's Antonio's future job self-prediction delivered on KABC NEWSMAKERS to Ms. Adrienne Alpert .

The Boss Mayor says that the Sheen scandal will have no negative impact on President  Obama's decision to appoint Villarraigosa as United States Secretary of Transportation! Wanna bet?

We shall see,won't we?

HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG says that the Prez is set to dump Antonio!

Watch the entire KABC eye-opening interview!  (See above right!)

John Walsh

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